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After speaking to a number of my friends and family on careers that they wouldn’t do, here are a few to ponder upon….

Dentist, Police Officer, Funeral Embalmer, Pathologist, Surgeon, Fire Fighter, Teacher, Paramedic, TV Presenter, Construction worker, Stunt-Person, Window Cleaner, Pilot, Telesales.

To be fair there are a few I would not consider on the above list. I can see from this list phobias and fear of personal injury.  Isn’t it odd how some people’s dream jobs are other people’s nightmares….

So why are some jobs appealing? And others leave you squeamish and screaming in the other direction?

If you ask most people if they want to teach you will get a definitely get a yes or no answer.

So are there jobs that you would have liked but never tried? Time to try them out through:

Finding a part time job, volunteering, securing a placement, work shadowing or mentoring to find out what the job entails.

Alternatively for those who love lists, why not jot down jobs you love and loathe from your previous experience?

  • Love the idea of working outdoors? Jobs in sports, agriculture or construction could fill this gap
  • Love or detest the feeling of being under pressure and everyone relying on you?
  • Can’t stand the sight of blood. Then you can easily strike medical profession off the list
  • Hate standing up in front of large groups and talking then a career in teaching may be challenging for you
  • Relish the idea of working being your own boss and people working for you to enjoy work life balance

Why not seek out what jobs would be less scary for you by checking out  http://www.prospects.ac.uk/ which will match your skills to jobs you like or loathe, finding out routes in and some of the realities about working in those areas through case studies.

Still finding job search daunting then you can use all this information by booking an appointment with our Careers Consultant on 0161 247 3483 to banish those fears!!!

Sometimes the scariest things is getting started! Good Luck!