A new report by research company High Fliers has found an increasing number of 2017 graduates plan to reject the competition of searching for graduate jobs and opt to go travelling instead.

The report consisted of 20,000 graduates from 30 leading universities including Oxbridge, Bristol and Durham. According to findings, one in eight graduates are planning to travel or take time off before applying for grad roles after completing their studies, with a large number of graduates having ‘no definite plans’ after graduation.

In contrast, the report also claimed there is still a significant number of graduates who do plan to pursue a demanding career in notoriously competitive industries such as finance and commercial law.

A quote from the report states:

“For those who are heading for the graduate job market, they are among the most organised, employment-focused and ambitious of their generation . . . But there are signs too that more of this year’s new graduates will be opting out of the job market altogether, with increased numbers applying for postgraduate courses and more students uncertain about what to do next.” (Mintz, 2017)

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If you’re thinking about taking time out to travel after university, don’t forget you can combine travel with work experience and earn money! Read our Working Abroad guide for useful tips and advice of key things to consider when planning on working abroad.

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Source: Mintz, L. (2017) ‘Graduates reject high-flying City jobs, opting to take ‘time out’ or go travelling’, The Telegraph, 12th July 2017. Available: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2017/07/12/graduates-reject-high-flying-city-jobs-opting-take-time-go-travelling/