We are an innovative and fundamentally different organisation to many others within the NHS. Specialising in large scale clinical service transformation, we are an internal NHS consultancy with a strong track record of achievement.

We spoke to the NHS Transformation Unit at our Graduate Job and Placement Fair to ask what skills and experience they look for in a graduate and what students can do now to prepare them for the graduate market. Here’s what they said:

“At the NHS Transformation Unit, there’s no particular experience that we look for as we focus mainly on skills and a candidate’s interest in the role. We offer lots of training in the role so we look for graduates who have good communication and are motivated who will immerse themselves in the programme.”

“In preparation for this particular type of work, it is crucial that stuednts read up on the team, the NHS and keep up-to-date with health and social care news in the region. You should also research why you want to apply for the role and keep up-to-date with NHS policies. This is an excellent training opportunity so we look for people who have the drive to make the most of this experience.”

How can your Careers and Employability Service help you to prepare?