As a dedicated programme, the Academy sets you up to succeed and build a rewarding future at Nestlé. From helping you to gain professional qualifications to developing your personal skills and providing opportunities to explore different areas of our business, joining the Nestlé Academy will help kick-start your career.

We spoke to Nestle at our Graduate Job and Placement Fair to ask what skills and experience they look for in a graduate and what students can do now to prepare them for the graduate market. Here’s what they said:

“Nestle look for certain behaviours in graduates rather than key skills. We have a leadership framework which you will follow once you are in the role. Graduates need to be adaptable and people focused if they want to work for the company”

“At Nestle, we look for graduates who can demonstrate their passion for the scheme. It’s important that you prepare and do your research in the role and then produce a tailored CV to meet the job description of the role. As we accept students from all disciplines, we have a high volume of applicants which is why it’s so important that you explain why you are suitable for this role and how you are passionate about it.”

How can your Careers and Employability Service help you to prepare?