Are you thinking about gaining work experience in a different country? We spoke to a number of employers at the Experience Asia event on 7th March to find out about the different ways in which you can work, intern, study and travel in Asia.

  1. What do you offer students/what is your unique selling point?

Kaya – “We offer lots of different projects for students to work on in quite niche areas. Your skills are matched to a project so that you can get the most out of the opportunity. We have opportunities in photography, microfinance and project management.

BUNAC – “We offer students the opportunity to work abroad in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. These opportunities include summer work experience, internships and volunteering in each of the above countries.”

British Council – “Our China Scholarship allows students to study for one semester in China to allow you to experience a different culture and to gain an insight into how they run their businesses. All scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation and a basic monthly allowance.”

Opportunity China“Our unique selling point is that there is no cost attached to any our programmes. Your accommodation and flights are paid for and we have offices in the UK and China so you have plenty of support and guidance throughout your journey.”

  1. How do you apply?

Kaya – “In order to apply for our opportunities, you need to go to our website and pick a project that interests you. There is no specific deadline but it’s better to apply as early as possible. You will be required to make a deposit along with your application but this is refunded if you are unsuccessful.”

BUNAC – “You can apply online via our website or you request a call back from a member of our team for further information. You can also apply by going to a STA travel shop. The deadline for applications depends on the project.”

British Council – “The applications for our China Scholarships programme can be found on our website. The deadline for this opportunity is the 16th April.”

Opportunity China – “Our applications are all done online. You will be asked some basic questions about why you want to work in China and we will ask you for a tailored CV.”

  1. What skills do you look for?

Kaya – “The skills we look for largely depends on the project you choose. Make sure you evidence any of skills you that are relevant to the project you apply for in your application.”

BUNAC – “We look for different skills in each of our programmes. Our summer internships are hospitality roles so make sure you demonstrate your customer service skills gained through your previous roles. For our summer camp teaching opportunities, you will need to demonstrate any teaching or coaching experience that you have.”

British Council – “There is an eligibility criteria for any applicants who want to apply for these scholarships. While we accept students from most disciplines, you need to have a 2.1 and be a graduate to be eligible for this opportunity.”

Opportunity China – “Experience of teaching or coaching would be ideal. You must evidence that you are adaptable, patient, and keen in your application and you need to demonstrate your cultural awareness.”

  1. Any top tips for applying?

Kaya – “Make sure that you research the projects first. Do something where you will gain relevant skills that will help you in your future career.”

BUNAC – “Try to do something over the summer to experience a new culture and country to open up your mind and to give you time to decide on what you want to do after you graduate.”

British Council – “Demonstrate your enthusiasm for travelling and your interest in learning new things in your application.”

Opportunity China – “Apply early and research the area of China you want to go to. You should also research the type of role and school you want to go into as they all differ.”

How your Careers and Employability Service can help you to find opportunities abroad: