Name: Rares Chirila

Course: BA (Hons) Marketing Management

Why did you decide to take part in the Futures Award programme?

I decided to participate in the Futures Award as I was attracted by the variety of extra-curricular activities advertised. I wanted to have a diverse experience outside my daily lectures and tutorials, and Futures has offered this. There is at least one activity that will suit any student.

Has the Futures Award programme given you the confidence to try something that you may not have done before?

I have always found it difficult to start learning a new language. However, the Futures Award programme has provided me with the opportunity to study a selection of languages, for either beginners or advanced, in a convenient time scale for a student.

Would you recommend the Futures Award to current students?

Thinking about your future, the Futures Award provides you with extraordinary experiences and helps to develop your employability skills from day one. I believe that you, as a student, should make the most of this programme.

Has the Futures Award programme helped you to prepare for your future career?

Firstly, the Careers and Employability sessions have provided me with a better understanding of how interviews and presentations work. Also, having this practical experience before an interview, represents an advantage, as valuable tips are given. Furthermore, qualified and experienced people are there to support and advise on any situation.

Personally, I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to try all of these before going into full-time employment, as this has given me a far greater advantage and helped me to get the job that I wanted with my first application.

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?

Think about it, it is your future!