Have you ever found a job that you thought was perfect for you but then, after reading the job specification, you realise that your skills do not match the description?

You find yourself questioning whether you should apply for the job or to give it a pass? Not to worry! Most students have been in a similar position at some point. In this article, we will be giving you tips on the best ways to highlight your skills and relate them to the job description.

To make sure you have the strongest possible application when applying for your dream job, try to keep a diary or journal of all of your skills and experiences to date. This will really help you at an interview stage too as you will have lots of experiences to draw from.

Having interviewed a number of employers at Manchester Met events, one observation is that employers are not often looking for the ‘perfect candidate’. Remember that employers are often looking at your personality and passion more than your skills alone!

There are a number of factors, which influence the shortlisting process such as: your qualifications, language skills, personality and finally, the ability to demonstrate an array of skills. They want to be able to see how you would fit into their team and workplace.

Step 1

Stay positive

Have a more positive and confident frame of mind. This will not just help you with your career, but it would also help you in your everyday life. A quick exercise you could implement into your routine is the phrase “you’ve got to be in it to win it.” Demonstrate your key achievements throughout your education and work experience as this will showcase your passion for the role and remain positive about the skills you do have, not the skills you don’t.

 “A lot of the time candidates have more skills and experience than they even realise, the struggle is often when it comes to articulating those skills in a meaningful way.”  The Guardian Jobs 2016.

Step 2

Highlight your transferable skills

One way in which you can strengthen your application is to be able to demonstrate your skills and abilities effectively. In the circumstance where your skills do not match the job specification exactly, the best way to approach this is to highlight your key achievements and to evidence your transferable skills.

Step 3

Demonstrate Passion

If you are applying for a job in the sport industry, make sure you are able to demonstrate your passion about the subject or the industry. This can be evidenced through your extra-curricular activities by joining a sports society, volunteering or simply by listing your passion for specific sports in your interests. In addition to that, do your research about the brand. Researching the company will allow you to tailor your applications and demonstrate your knowledge at interview.

To conclude, always remember to evidence your skills and your passion for working for that specific company! Evidence your skills and experience by giving examples, the STAR technique can help you with this: Situation, Task, Action, Result. For more information on using this method in applications, click here!