Name: Nathan Shipstone

Course: MA Library and Information Management (2015/16)

Why did you decide to take part in the Futures Award programme?

 Having come to Manchester Met as a postgraduate student, several years after I finished my undergraduate degree, I wanted to make the most of every opportunity available to me at the university. The Futures Award was no exception, and the chance to gain valuable expertise completely free of charge was too much of an opportunity for me to miss out on. To be recognised for the activities that I got involved with through the Futures Award certificate was also something I was very keen to obtain, and I was very proud to receive mine at the awards ceremony in June.

Has the Futures Award programme given you the confidence to try something that you may not have done before?

 With every faculty at Manchester Met contributing to the activities on offer, the depth and breadth of the Futures Award is truly awe-inspiring. From quick half-hour sessions to what can be month-long volunteering projects; on topics as varied as job seeking skills, foreign language tuition, mechanical engineering, global citizenship, carbon literacy, and environmental awareness – there really is something for everybody. I particularly enjoyed the volunteering that I undertook at the weekly Conversation Club held for foreign language students in need of improving their English skills. Offering language assistance is something I never would have otherwise partaken in, and it has been a fantastic experience getting to know students from other backgrounds and learning about different cultures.

Would you recommend the Futures Award to current students?

I would absolutely recommend the Futures Award to each and every student at Manchester Met. Not only is it completely free of charge, it is an opportunity to gain valuable skills in a diverse array of subjects that are only open to you while you are studying at Manchester Met. You will also meet some great people along the way. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from the Futures Award. Go for it!

Has the Futures Award programme helped you to prepare for your future career?

As well as fun activities, such as playing *safely* with chemical reactions and building robots, there are also many highly relevant Careers workshops to do with CV formatting, application writing, and interview techniques. All of these skills are essential for any future career.

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?

A fantastic opportunity to improve both yourself and your future job prospects. Unmissable