Your Postgraduate course title:

I studied a PGCE General Primary after finishing my degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies.

What attracted you to the PGCE course?

I had always wanted to go into teaching but didn’t secure a place on an undergraduate teaching degree and was advised by a Manchester Met University tutor that I could do a degree in childhood studies and then go onto my PGCE. This ended up a much better option for me as the degree timetable was more flexible and I gained more experience through volunteering on my afternoons off timetable.

Best bits about the PGCE course

I really enjoyed the majority of my PGCE, my first placement was brilliant and I gained a lot of experience. I also feel that the PGCE prepared me more for my career as it was very full on and demanding.

What were the hardest bits about the course?

The hard parts about the PGCE was trying to secure placements when the ones that Man Met organised fell through (although everything did work out fine) and my second class mentor wasn’t as supportive, although this was very hard at the time, it just proved that I could do it.

How did you degree prepare you for this course in terms of knowledge, skills or experience gained?

My degree in Early Years and Childhood studies fully prepared me for the assignments I was required to submit at Masters level during my PGCE. A lot of the theory taught during my degree was taught during the PGCE so I found the research and reading a lot easier than some people that had done core subject degrees.

Top tips for future Early Years graduates:

I’d recommend applying early and gaining as much hands-on teaching experience as possible during your second and final year of your degree. One of my first year tutors organised for me to go into a school one day a week and this was really good experience and I had much more experience than the minimum amount required for the PGCE.

How do you see your career progressing?

I have now secured a job as a Year 4/5 teacher for September and due to gaining some masters credits with the PGCE I am now considering finishing my masters and working up to a leadership role.