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“I am currently in my second year of an English/Creative Writing Degree. Once I finish, I wondered what opportunities there might be to use the Creative Writing side of my degree, other than getting published or teaching? I suspect there may be jobs that exist which I am unaware of, and would be very grateful to discover these.”

Benjamin Cassidy

BA in English and Creative Writing

Dear Benjamin,

I recommend you book an appointment with a Careers Consultant, this way we can gain more knowledge on your particular interests and skills, and talk in more detail about your options. We offer drop-in sessions on a Tuesday, or for further information please visit our website.

The Prospects website has a useful resource called ‘What can I do with my degree?’ It offers advice on work experience, job options and the types of employers within your chosen discipline. I suggest you have a look through options for both English and Creative Writing, as you might find something of interest.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Good luck and best wishes.

The Careers and Employability Team

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