“I am an international student and the one thing I keep running up against are employers that don’t want to go through the process of hiring international employees. It does me no good to look through all the jobs I am qualified for but can’t apply because they won’t sponsor international students. Can you help with this?” 

Letitia Jones

MA in Creative Writing

Dear Letitia,

The Manchester Met websites offer some excellent resources for tackling this problem. I suggest you have a look at our FAQ list, specifically for International students wishing to work in the UK after their studies.

It includes a list of UK employers that are keen to take on International students. You can find it here.

If you are interested in getting some experience in another country first, then take a look at our online database, Going Global, which is full of useful information about finding work abroad. Prospects and Target Jobs also offer country specific information about studying abroad which you may find useful.

If you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail, I recommend you book an appointment with a Careers Consultant, or we offer a Jobs Hub drop-in service Monday-Friday, 1-4pm in the Employability Hub, Business School.

For more information on Careers appointments, please visit our website here.

Good luck and best wishes,

The Careers and Employability Team

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