Whitbread – Premier inn and Costa

As proud owners of some of the country’s best-loved hospitality brands, Whitbread serve an amazing 25 million UK customers each month in our Costa coffee shops, Premier Inn hotels and popular restaurants. Their ambition is ever-growing, and they’re looking for a new generation of leaders to take our business to the next level.

We spoke to Whitbread at our Graduate Job and Placement Fair to ask why and how they use assessment centres as part of their interview process and to give us their top tips for how to succeed. Here’s what they said:

“Assessment Centres provide us with a great opportunity to get to know students on a personal level. Throughout the day, you’ll take part in both group and individual exercises so we will get to see how you interact and perform in different situations. We’re looking for potential leaders in these assessment centres so it’s important to be yourself and show us why you want to work for us!”

Top tips

  • It will be a long day so make sure that you’re well rested
  • Make sure that you understand our businesses
  • Visit our company websites and familiarise yourself with the aims of each one
  • Talk to people who work for us
  • Make sure that you fully understand the role and why you want to apply
  • Tell us what you can bring to the company that is different
  • Relax and be yourself!

How can your Careers and Employability Service help you to prepare?