MA Library and Information Management student Nathan Shipstone has won a regional Student Employee of the Year Award (SEOTY), recognising all of the work he has done through Jobs4Students. Part of the UK’s largest student awards, the Job Shop/Student Temp Excellence Award celebrates a student who has worked in a role on campus. Nathan talks to us about his experience of working through Jobs4Students and explains why other students should get involved.  

Nathan shipstone

How do you feel about being nominated for a SEOTY Award?

I feel very proud that my work and contributions to the University have been recognised through the nomination of a SEOTY Award. It has made an already fulfilling role into an achievement that I can show to future employers.

Tell us about the role(s) you have been involved with through Jobs4Students

I am fortunate enough to have been involved with several different Jobs4Students roles in my time studying at Manchester Met – as diverse as data entry and events management, to room auditing and welcoming new students during Induction Week. My current role, which led me to be nominated for a SEOTY Award, has involved working closely alongside academics and other staff at the Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (CIKE) in the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care. I provide CIKE with general office assistance, alongside updating social media and blog pages, and have also been tasked with constructing databases of important health and social care contacts for the department. The CIKE team are friendly, enthusiastic, and a real pleasure to work with.

How do you feel working through Jobs4Students had helped you to develop your skills and work experience? 

Every single Jobs4Students role I have had has involved developing some form of transferable skill that will be beneficial in my future career. This could be as simple as building inter-personal skills when meeting and greeting new students, to developing personal time management, to even learning how to use sophisticated office software programmes. Employers want graduates with broad and distinct skill sets, and Jobs4Students provides the means to equip students with both.

Would you encourage other Manchester Met students to work through Jobs4Students?

I would absolutely encourage each and every student at Manchester Met to get involved with Jobs4Students. Not only will it provide you with some much needed extra money during your studies, but it will also equip you with so many important transferable skills that future employers will be on the lookout for. Jobs4Students is also a fantastic opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes at the University, to work with and contribute towards other departments that you would otherwise have little contact with, and to make great friends and contacts along the way!

Jobs4Students offers Manchester Met students paid, temporary on-campus job opportunities throughout the University and in a range of roles. Find out more about the Jobs4Students, the roles available and how to register at