Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) is a national competition to recognise the achievement in combining part-time work with study. There are awards at institutional, regional and national level. Following on from Jobs4Students’  communications earlier this year regarding the Student Employee of the Year Award 2014, I am delighted to inform you that a total of 13 MMU students were nominated for a Student Employee of the Year award. Of these 13 students, 2 were successfully shortlisted as regional finalist for 2014, one of which was Rebecca Murrell who worked with Jackie Rees in Health, Psychology and Social Care on visit days through Jobs4Students. Rebecca attended the finalists award ceremony and an exclusive ‘Emerging Talent’ programme developed by Teach First and NASES at Brunel University, which, along with travel and accommodation, was funded by the Careers and Employability Service. Rebecca has written a first-hand account of her experience…

“I was lucky enough to be nominated in the Student Employee of the Year Awards (SEOTY) run by NASES in the Step Up to Leadership- On Campus Category. Since my first year of studying at MMU I have worked as a student ambassador, through Jobs4Students, helping out on open days and visit days around my studies of Speech Pathology and Therapy.

Rebecca Murrel pic 1During the Easter break, I found out that I had been nominated for a SEOTY award and not long after I found out that I’d actually won my category at institutional level. Winning the award   for MMU meant that I was put forward to regional judging for the North West. I didn’t really know much about the awards but looked through the SEOTY website to find out a bit more. Once the regional judging had taken place I received another email stating that I’d won my category for the North West which meant that along with other regional winners I had been invited to the National Awards Ceremony. I was shocked when I found out I’d won institutionally but regional was another step completely!

The awards ceremony was held at Brunel University in London and I, along with other regional winners were invited to the Teach First Emerging Talent Programme prior to the ceremony. This afternoon workshop provided an insight into the Graduate Recruitment Market Place and employability trends and encouraged us to think about how the nomination could benefit us when applying for jobs in the future. The day was split into many different areas but broadly focussed upon allowing us to identify our own leadership and social styles, highlighting that there can be many different types of leader and how individuals can motivate their teams in different ways. The final part of the workshop focussed on how to communicate our skills in interviews and how to demonstrate competencies through highlighting voluntary and part-time work alongside our degree studies. Having just finished my second year of BSc (Hons) Speech Pathology and Therapy I found it particularly useful to be encouraged to start thinking about different skills that I possess and how these can be highlighted in interviews through situational examples.

During this workshop I was able to meet a number of other students who had won their respective awards at Regional Level and had equally been put forward to National judging. Although I didn’t win my category nationally I was surprised at how far I’d come when I heard everyone else’s backgrounds. The majority of the students were final years or postgraduate students and to hear of their experiences of seeking graduate employment I felt shocked at how far I’d come in the awards process. Hearing the experiences of others enabled me to think about how I can further develop my skills alongside my degree studies through part time employment.

I would encourage any student to make use of employability workshops as they really do enable you to take a step back and reflect upon your skills and abilities which will enhance your prospects when seeking graduate employment.”


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