You are one Google search away from hundreds of potential graduate employers. What will they discover if they type your name into the world’s all-pervading search engine? A dodgy Facebook profile? A potentially offensive tweet?

Or, potentially even worse – nothing!

The internet provides unbridled opportunity to market yourself effectively to graduate employers. The trick is to utilise this power efficiently and effectively to your own advantage. Putting yourself on the radar of potential graduate employers has never been easier, yet many of today’s students allow this opportunity for self-marketing to pass them by.

Evidencing your skills and engaging with employers can all be done via Kloodle. The site is a Social Network for Graduate Recruitment. A Kloodle profile gives you the ability to create your professional presence and engage with potential employers. This can be done via blog posts, videos, photos and document uploads. Employers can then view each of your skills through the evidence you create.

Kloodle enables you to interact with potential employers of graduates, engaging in conversations and putting yourself on their radar long before you graduate. Jobs relevant to you will be posted directly to your newsfeed.Your Kloodle profile will be searched for by employers interested in people like you. You will be on the map before you even apply.

Creating a great profile is easy – download the e-book guide here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/418688

Create your profile today – http://kloodle.com.

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