The Deloitte Micro-Tyco University Challenge is designed to give entrepreneurial students an opportunity to stand out!

Starting with £1 seed capital, teams of five students will have just four weeks to generate as much profit as possible. As long as it’s legal, you can raise the profit any way you choose! This is an exercise in resourcefulness, creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as realising the potential of their networks, so business tactics are down to them.

A Deloitte mentor will be allocated to each team and will provide support throughout the challenge, along with access to online tools and resources. Offering encouragement and experience throughout the challenge to keep you on the right track.

Deloitte are looking for students who can do something truly remarkable with their pound. If you’re wondering how much you could expect to raise…A team of Deloitte Employees managed to raise over £50,000. A group of 14-year-old school children raised more than £14,000. Old or young, experienced or not, teams have achieved very powerful results- utilise your networks, get stuck in and be ambitious!

The challenge runs throughout February 2014, but you will need to complete your application form before Tuesday 21st January.

Deloitte have organised the Micro-Tyco University challenge in partnership with Wild Hearts In Action, who invest in entrepreneurs in developing countries, and all profits will be used to fund projects abroad, with the winning team being invited to travel out and see the impact their profit has made!

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