No matter what you are studying, the experiences and skills gained at camp can offer opportunities for real self-development. Not only does Camp Leaders allow students to develop their leadership and teamwork skills,the fact that they have had the experience of living and working abroad can be impressive to any employer, no matter what the industry.

This January Camp Leaders are heading to Manchester Central for the ultimate summer camp job fair!  Freshly imported from US, summer camp directors are looking to hire their staff for summer 2014!

Standard programme costs are £589, but Camp Leaders offers a selection of reward packs, in which the students can earn up to £200 off their fees. External costs include their visa (£150), a criminal background check (£65) and a medical form (dependent on doctor). Further details of reward packs and cost breakdowns can be found on the costs page of website.

This could be the perfect opportunity to sort out your summer job in America on the spot and potentially meet your future employer in person! In order to attend, all you need to do is apply for the Camp Leaders program, complete your application and head to an interview in your local area!

For more information on job roles, how much you could be paid and why you should attend, visit the Camp Leaders Website by clicking here