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MERMAID: Microbial Resource Management for Closing the Urban Water Cycle

13 PhD fellowship opportunities are available across Europe. The aim of MERMAID is to provide research training in the trans-disciplinary area of Microbial Resource Management and Engineering to develop new concepts and technologies to meet the imminent societal challenge of closing the Urban Water Cycle, the sustainable management of residual waters and the preparation and distribution of safe potable water.

The project consider microbial communities present in the urban water cycle as valuable resources that can be steered and exploited to produce, maintain, and deliver high quality water in an energy efficient way. This, however, requires that we expand our knowledge of these communities, their diversity, their assembly, and their functions. 13 PhD students will have exciting scientific and technical challenges to tackle, spanning disciplines from molecular microbial ecology to process modelling and engineering, considering scales ranging from laboratory systems to full-scale waste water treatment plants and water distribution networks.

The PhD students will form a group of fellows with the opportunity to cooperate across countries and sectors, work both at universities and at private companies, attend courses especially tailored for them, and be supervised by a team of excellent researchers. The PhD students will be based in BE, CH, DK, PT, SE or UK and will enjoy competitive salaries and travel allowances.

The full network partners consist of public (Technical University of Denmark, DK; Ghent University, BE; Newcastle University, UK; New University of Lisbon, PT; EAWAG/ETH, CH) and private partners (AnoxKaldnes, SE; Northumbrian Water, UK; Avecom, BE; IBET, PT).

The starting date of the PhD fellowships is January 1st , 2014.

Deadline for applications: September 7th, 2013.

More information on Mermaid and the application procedure can be found on their website