Are you struggling to find a graduate job or to find relevant work experience?

If you type Graduate Jobs Manchester into Google you will receive nearly 11,000,000 results.
That is a lot of opportunities, and a lot of time spent searching and applying!

On top of this, employers are increasing advertising opportunities exclusively through social media. Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent resources to help you find out about vacancies as soon as they come up.
To help you use your time effectively it is important that you focus your search and know what you want to get out of your future job.

We can help you during your course (and beyond!) to work out what it is you are interested in and the kinds of roles in which you might thrive.

Witlr have recently taken part in one of our Virtual Fairs and so I have had the opportunity to speak to the team and find out more about the service they offer.
With Witlr you set up a FREE profile and the employers find you.
Once your profile is completed employers can contact you directly to arrange an interview.
This means that you can be job searching even in your down time!

The team at Witlr provide you with tips and advice on how you can make your profile stand out to employers, and are on hand to answer any questions you may have.
Setting up your profile is simple. Go to to get started.

So what are Witlr’s top tips for standing out to an employer?
1- Read more (read about your course, the industry you are interested in and the people that inspire you. You can share this knowledge and it can help you to stand out)
2- Be flexible (follow your dream but don’t shut yourself off from other potentially rewarding and exciting opportunities)
3- Be positive (don’t give up!)
4- Learn something new (while job seeking you can use your spare time learning a new skill, take up a hobby or sport. This will give you another skill to add to your CV and will impress employers!)
5- NETWORK! (do your friends have family members working in the industry you want to get into? Are there events you can attend that will allow you to meet employers? Even parties can count as networking!)

Good luck with your search and don’t forget to check out as an excellent job seeking resource!