The conference is a two-day event that allows students across the country to be immersed in a connected experience that will inspire you to start new web-based enterprises.
The event is designed to enlighten students on starting up an online business. Every speaker and company that attends will be there to help students learn more about the virtual industry and how they could successfully start up their own business.

How will the event work?

Day one of the event will be held at The Birmingham Science Park, Aston, which is close to major transport links and accommodation. The event will also be live-streamed via the Virtual Enterprise website ( where they will create an interactive experience using blogs, video and twitter to involve people globally in the event. This day can be streamed through lecture rooms on campus to allow students to gather together and watch the conference.

Day two will be held exclusively online via a webinar platform to involve the maximum number of participants possible; this will also be accessible via the website and will feature speakers from the world who would not otherwise be able to attend. Essentially, you will be able to sit at home comfortably while partaking in an activity you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access very easily.

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