Northern Soho exists to support and promote the talents and strengths of the North West regions creative community that includes design, digital, marketing and communications professionals.
Their MentorMatch scheme, which gives its members the unique opportunity to work with experienced mentors working in the creative industries, has recently celebrated its one year anniversary and has to-date helped over 100 creative professionals.
Introduced in February 2012, the region wide scheme run by Northern Soho, matches creative and marketing professionals to independent and experienced high-level business mentors, helping them make career and personal development decisions.
Following a successful first year, the scheme has continued to receive major support and now boasts a panel of 12 business mentors who have helped their mentees with a range of issues including:
• Starting a new business;
• Providing advice and guidance following redundancy;
• Personal profiling and assessment;
• Member collaborations;
• Self-confidence building;
• New business planning.

Mentees on the scheme work in a range of creative industry sectors, from fashion to digital, design to training and marketing to illustration.

MentorMatch remains committed to specialising on the needs of the creative and marketing services industry, especially younger people, those entering the industry for the first time, starting out as freelancers/setting up own businesses or those at a “cross-roads”, e.g. after redundancies. To find out more about MentorMatch visit http://www.northernsohomentormatch.com.