MMU Students can access Going Global online for a wealth of international information and live vacancies in countries all over the world.  If you’re considering work abroad then take a look at Going Global, now with updated features to make your search easier.

• Student Training Sessions
Starting in February, we will be offering free training sessions for students on a monthly basis. Dates and registration details can be found in both our monthly newsletters and on the platform home page.

• Going Global gets a facelift!
Look for a fully redesigned Going Global platform this Fall. The completely revised website will have an improved user interface, more customized search features, and will be accessible from mobile devices. Additionally, you will have a dashboard to view your university’s user statistics on demand.

• New Country Guides
We just added Chile, Vietnam, Taiwan and Kenya to our list of Country Guides. Our Career Guide Collection now includes 89 guides.

• Quarterly H1B Visa updates
Our H1B Plus search engine, developed by Going Global, now contains quarterly updates of all H1B visa applications from the US Department of Labor. Previously, these updates were only available on an annual basis.

Access the resource through the MMU webpages: