The CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Global Business Challenge is an international business competition designed for students around the world to showcase their talent to some of the world’s top employers.
This is a GLOBAL competition where you register in a team of 4 and then your team acts as consultants, competing amongst teams within the UK at the early stages. The winning team then proceeds to the global final, representing their country or region in the battle for the global champion title.
With 25 regions from around the world taking part, you could be in with a chance of meeting and socialising with students from different cultures and backgrounds.

What else could you gain?

• You and your team could win an all expenses paid trip to South Africa for the GBC global final
• You could win numerous prizes at varies levels of the competition for different award categories
• You will learn how to analyse and solve a real life business case study, which will give you firsthand experience of the skills required to be a business leader
• You will experience what it is like to study CIMA and be a chartered management accountant
• You will gain valuable skills which will boost your CV and enhance your career development
• You will get the opportunity to enhance your team building skills and develop your presentation skills
• You will gain a knowledge of CIMA and the qualification, which will put you one step ahead of the rest and open doors in the future

The competition is open to full time undergraduates . Full details, rules and eligibility for entry on the website