Surrey Trading Standards continues to disseminate information for public consumption via Information Reports

Information has been received by Surrey Trading Standards that University Students across the South East of England are being targeted by Criminal gangs to launder counterfeit American Express Travellers’ cheques.

Adverts are appearing on Student job sites offering positions as ‘mystery shoppers’

The adverts are being placed by : 

‘Mystery Shopper Incorporation – Virtual Services Inc’
( Not based in the UK )

When an advert is responded to the student is asked to give personal details which are followed by a letter and American Express Travellers Cheques.
These letters emanate from abroad and contain a substantial amount of American Express Travellers cheques. The student is directed to deposit the enclosed travellers cheques into a bank account and once cleared told to take £300 as payment.
They are then instructed to locate the nearest outlet and transfer the balance from the deposit to :

Kale Berria 54
Onati 20560

To date all the travellers cheques received have been counterfeit and this appears to be an elaborate way to launder the Counterfeit Travellers cheques via personal bank accounts.

Please circulate to any suitable organisation/body to warn students of the potential hazard when responding to the above advertisers.  Thank you

If you have any information relating to this issue – please contact :

Graham Thompson – Surrey Trading Standards –  01372 371687