Discover the ‘real’ China through teaching

British Council’s English Language Assistants China programme offers an inspiring opportunity; the chance to live and teach English in one of the world’s most fascinating and rapidly developing countries. Let your sense of adventure take you on a journey to the ‘real China’.

The British Council are looking for open-minded, mature, adaptable individuals who are ready for a challenge. As an English Language Assistant, you will support the teaching of English and UK culture in a Chinese state school to classes of up to 50 students. China is home to one of the oldest languages in the world but you do not need to have a knowledge of Mandarin to apply.

You will have the opportunity to improve your language skills, learn about another education system and be immersed in a completely different culture. Your time in China as an English Language Assistant will be an experience that will make any recruiter sit up and take note upon your return.

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