Did you apply for a full-time place at university or college through UCAS in 2005/6? 

If so, you are a member of the FUTURETRACK cohort.

If you have already participated in this important independent survey conducted by a research team at Warwick University on behalf of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU), you’ll know that it is investigating students’ progress through higher education and their experiences in the graduate labour market.

The Stage 4 questionnaire is now available, and existing participants have been sent an email inviting them to fill it in, so if this means YOU, check all your email accounts! 

All eligible respondents who complete the survey have the chance of winning cash prizes: ten of £1,000 or one hundred of £100. 

If you haven’t received it, or you are a 2005/06 applicant who would like to join the survey now, you can register now.  Please pass on the message to all your classmates with whom you are in contact, so that we can develop as full a picture as possible about the experiences of this ‘recession generation’ to inform policy and practice in higher education.